The Beatles ‘Revolver’

The Beatles were well known and respected before they came out with their album Revolver. They made plenty of albums before this one and made numerous radio hits which were typically about love, having sex, or something to that effect. The image of The Beatles after releasing Revolver changed from many fans and critics from looking at them like any other rock band who can make good radio singles into a fully developed rock n roll band who were becoming innovative with their creativity at the time. Although Revolver did include some songs about relationships, they were more in-depth than their previous songs regarding love. This fact could be a correlation of how Lennon and McCartney were both in relationships during the period of time that some songs on the album were written. LSD also became a factor in the songwriting process for this album as songs began to represent or be inspired by one of their acid trips. McCartney found some interesting ways to incorporate the studio as an actual instrument. For example, with the Brennel Mark 5 tape machine, McCartney would put tape together using glue. Once it dried, when played back there would be a little click when it played over where the glue was. Since he could not perfectly remove the clicks during this process he decided to use the clicks as part of the rhythm. Another trick that was used while recording the drums was putting microphones very close to the bass drum then slowing it down to get a more deeper sound. Personally, I love the sound on this album. Although I do not listen to that much music before my time regularly this is definitely a class I would recommend to everybody. I am impressed with the lyricism on this album and also the concepts behind many of the songs.


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