The Beach Boys ‘Pet Sounds’

The Beach Boys started off as a young band known for their melodies and ability to create catchy melodies and harmonies. Similar to the Pet Sounds album, the overall sound of their music was generally positive. They made music that was referred to as “surf rock” which was laid back, love songs, and songs about having fun. Brian Wilson was the person who wrote majority of the melodies and arranged the whole Pet Sounds album. He played a large role in actually putting the songs together and was assisted by Tony Asher writing the lyrics for songs. He also sung on most of the songs and sometimes took the lead vocalist role. Phil Spector’s work inspired Brian Wilson and Wilson refers to Spector’s Christmas album as the best album of all time. The Beatles’ Rubber Sounds was another album that inspired Brian Wilson because he wanted to compete with them and make an album that was just as good or better. The melodies and arrangements created by Wilson definitely helped Pet Sounds become diverse from many other albums at the time. He said “I wanted to make an album more introspective…I tried to make it one of the most artistic loving albums ever made.” During the studio sessions, the musicians really helped “glue together” the sessions and help everything move smoothly and efficiently. Many of the musicians who worked on the Pet Sounds album said that when they worked with Wilson, not only was it important that it was played correctly but the vibe also should feel good. The album Pet Sounds was very good in my opinion. Pet Sounds is one of the first 60’s albums that I have listened to all the way through and I think it is an excellent collection of various good songs. I really liked how the vocals were sung and the melodies were so catchy and at the same time emotional.


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